Quick Links to "NetApp Funded Technical Tools"
7-Mode Transition Tool Defines type of releases
Assessment Tools Portal Reduces time and improves efficiency of customer assessments
Config Advisor Checks for the correctness of h/w installations and conformance to recommendations
ConfigEdge – Standalone Configurator Models & manages valid, orderable configs
Counter Manager Performance Grapher (CMPG) Provides an easy way to visualize performance data from NetApp controllers
FlashSelect – Guided Flash Technology Selection Tool Guides you through considerations for determining appropriate flash technology
Hardware Universe (HWU) Provides hardware specifications for NetApp products and components
Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT) Searches for info about configs that work with 3rd-party products/components qualified by NetApp
LatX Analyzes performance and identifies problems
My AutoSupport Contains system config details, perf charts, event alerts, proactive health checks, config compare, and ONTAP upgrading advisor
NetApp Data Center Planner (NDCP) Assists in data migration with an application suite of utilities
NetApp Lanamark Host Performance Assessment Service (HPAS) Collects performance information for uploading into SPM. (Partners, ask your TPM or Channel SE Manager for access)
NetApp Support Mobile App Provides info about cases, contact details, ASUP, Storage Efficiency, and System Fitness
Performance and Statistics Collector (Perfstat) Captures performance and config statistics
QuoteEdge Gives configuration, quoting, pricing, order and invoice, and sales contracts/agreement
Sizing Tools (SPM and more) Help you determine the best NetApp configuration for your customer proposal
SmartSolve Consolidates access to support tools, AutoSupport, case data. (SSC partners only)
Synergy Model and visualize solutions side-by-side with prospective customers
System Risks Identifies specific risks in customer environments & includes action plans on resolution
Tech Refresh Tool (TRT) Builds compelling upgrade proposals for NetApp-to-NetApp tech refresh projects
Transition Advisor Conducts feature gap analysis between current 7-Mode systems and targeted cDOT
Upgrade Advisor Provides a quick and accurate way to generate a Data ONTAP upgrade plan